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Whole Wide World Competition set III

Rozpoczęcie: 8 December 2022 20:00
Zakończenie: 8 December 2022 21:30
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe

Whole Wide World Competition set III

Camera Cafe, 14/11 Lipowa Street, admission free, 12.8.2022, 20:00

director: Andrew T. Betzer
director of photography: Daniel Cowen
USA 2020, 12’09”

A group of police cadets are mercilessly hazed as they suffer through the worst day of their training, their hell day.


director: Eliane Esther Bots
director of photography: Daniel de Oliveira Donato
Netherlands 2021, 22’15”

„In Flow of Words” follows the narratives of three interpreters of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. They interpreted shocking testimonies from witnesses, victims and perpetrators, without ever allowing their own emotions, feelings and personal histories to be present. Contrary to their position at the tribunal, this film places their voices and experiences center stage.


director: Kerren Lumer-Klabbers
director of photography: David Bauer
music: Andreas Hald
Denmark 2021, 16’

Breaking up with someone you have loved can be one of the hardest things to do.


director: Marie Larrivé
music: Maël Oudin, Pierre Oberkampf
France 2021, 20’

After an earthquake in Naples bay, the body of a man is found. While Dino and his daughter, Victoria, travel to Italy for a DNA test, the past catches up with them.


director: Mark Albiston
director of photography: Marty Williams
music: Arli Liberman
New Zealand 2021, 15’

A fourteen-year-old boy, whose Mum plans on selling his deceased Dad’s Datsun, decides to take his best friend and little brother on one last joyride.