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WHOLE WIDE WORLD Competition set III

Rozpoczęcie: 9 December 2023 16:30
Zakończenie: 9 December 2023 18:15
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema

WHOLE WIDE WORLD Competition set III

WHOLE WIDE WORLD Competition set III (97′, 16+)

9.12.2023, 16:30
Kino Forum, ul. Legionowa 5
admission free

director: Lawrence Abu Hamdan
director of photography: Jarred Alterman
music: Susan Alcorn Lobato
United Kingdom, 2022, 15’

A monologue is performed in a building that inhabits the thickness of a borderline, telling stories of permeable borders and impermeable laws, reflecting on how free movement, free knowledge and free space are under threat.

director: Anton Bialas
France, 2022, 29’38’’

Fragmented portrayal of three characters in search of poetic and liberating openings in a muzzled and gradually authoritarian Paris of the 2020’s. United under the sign of the “Manta Ray”, Kamilya, Ghost Rider and Gilles, each in their own way, organizes his secret melody, crafts a situation, where, alternately, a sense of lightness can be found, suffocated screams can uprise and reality be distorted into new horizons.

director: Osman Cerfon
director of photography: Denis Vautrin
France, 2023, 4’41’’

“Aaaah!” is a cry of pain, surprise, fear, joy, songs, grumbling, laughter, anger… „Aaaah!” is the expression with which children, these primary and innocent beings, experience life in a community, framed by the whistles of adults.

director: Guilherme Daniel
Portugal, 2023, 13’1’’

A message of praise to the President concludes a Party assembly, sparking apotheotic applause. In the middle of the crowd inquisitive eyes of the State Police look for the slightest sign of dissent, and the ovation does not cease.

director: Duván Duque Vargas
director of photography: Konstantinos Koukoulios
Colombia, France, 2021, 20’

Eleven-year-old Fer travels with his family to a countryside resort a few hours outside Bogotá. Although Fer’s father will be doing business, he has promised to make time for family fun, something that has been missing from their lives for a while.

director: Alex Megaro
director of photography: Laura Valladao
music: Asger Baden & Peder
USA 2023, 14’

Exploring the innate intimacy of submission wrestling, a lifelong wrestler turns his talents into an on-demand fetish video service.