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Women in Balkan Animation

Rozpoczęcie: 8 December 2019 18:00
Zakończenie: 8 December 2019 19:30
Kategoria: Special screenings
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe

Women in Balkan Animation

Women in Balkan Animation

December 8, 18:00
Camera Cafe, 14/11 Lipowa St.
admission free

This program is conceived as an overview of the artistic animation made by women from Balkan countries in last ten years. Films are created by Croatian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian and Greek female authors. The selection criteria were based on the artistic quality of the films, variety of techniques and specific author’s expressions. But most of all, this program was guided by women’s perspective represented in dealing with different topics.

A certain number of movies talks over partners relationships or pursuit for love narrated trough sincere storytelling, irony or bitter humor. In some films the feminist point of view is present in the themes of women’s struggle to express themselves in a world dominated by masculine values. The selection also includes animations made by women about other great women, artists and thinkers. All those stories are told with diverse animation techniques from classic drawing animation, cut-out, puppet or sand animation to experiments in documentary animation.

Curator: Mina Sablić

Boles, Špela Čadež, Slovenia 2013, 12’17”
Two For Two, Jelena Oroz, Croatia 2018, 8’
Why can’t you just see me?, Eleni Tomadaki, Greece 2012, 2’42”
Anna Blume, Vessela Dancheva, Bulgaria 2009, 10’
Naive story, Marija Milanović Lazarevski, Serbia 2006, 7’
A Cat Is Always Female, Martina Meštrović, Tanja Vujasinović, Croatia 2019, 16’
Florigami, Iva Ćirić, Serbia 2019, 5’36”
Monster, Laura Pop, Romania 2018, 4’20”
Distances Are Overcome, Jelena Milunović, Serbia 2016, 2’50”
Gamer Girl, Irena Jukić Pranjić, Croatia 2016, 10’