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Photo exhibition: Paweł Totoro Adamiec – The Bug River Kings

Rozpoczęcie: 7 December 2016 20:00
Zakończenie: 7 December 2016 23:29
Kategoria: Exibition
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema

Photo exhibition: Paweł Totoro Adamiec –  The Bug River Kings

kino Forum, ul. Legionowa 5
admission free, opening: 7.12.2016, 20:00
The project was supposed to activate the inhabitants of villages located along the banks of the Bug River. I wanted to show their openness to the different forms of art, and the distance to life. I created costumes, referring to royal attributes. They were made of natural materials found in Podlasie. During the search of models in the villages of Stary Bubel, Bubel Granna Bubel and Bubel Łukowiska, I asked more than 50 aged people about their willingness to participate in the project. 13 inhabitants agreed to sit for me in costumes, of whom chose 10 portraits. The heroes of the series told extraordinary stories of their lives and the Bug River surroundings, revealing a completely different, almost unreal reality. The problems of their home villages are depopulation and impoverishment as well as lack entertainment for the elderly. On the other hand, they take their lives lightly and are open to such projects.

Paul Totoro Adamiec – photographer, makeup artist, designer, lecturer at the Catholic University of Lublin and the Lublin School of Photography. A graduate of landscape architecture at the Catholic University of Lublin. The cover author for the first Polish fashion encyclopaedia Fashion Book Poland. In his works he shows very theatrical and distorted reality where he introduces some peculiar characters. In his costumes and make-ups, he reaches for unusual materials and techniques. He finds inspiration in nature, fairy tales, music and fashion. He wishes to present unique stories which leave room for interpretation.

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