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ŻUBROFFKA Special: A Swedish Life

Rozpoczęcie: 7 December 2017 18:30
Zakończenie: 7 December 2017 20:30

Since the 1998 release of Lukas Moodysson’s Fucking Åmål, Swedish cinema has experienced a third golden age. The first one being the works by silent era masters Victor Sjöström and Mauritz Stiller and the second one being the 1960’s films with an Ingmar Bergman at the height of his creativity at the same time as those revolting against the big Bergman (Jan Troell, Bo Widerberg, Vilgot Sjöman, et al) released their first films. Since the late 1990’s Swedish short film has also experienced a golden age of sorts with films by Jonas Odell, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson & Ola Simonsson, Jens Jonsson, Johannes Nyholm et cetera. However, what makes the short film roster of films different from a large part of the feature film experience is that many of the best shorts coming from Sweden are made by women. And they’re being selected for festivals like those in Berlin, Sundance and Cannes! The programme you are about to see is a reflection of this at the same time as being a reflection of a woman’s life from childhood to retirement: A Swedish Life.


Agnes, Anja Lind, 2014, 15’
Push it, Julia Thelin, 2017, 8’
Stallion, Ninja Thyberg, 2015, 14’
Fungus/Svamp, Charlotta Miller, 2011, 9’
Girl, Fijona Jonuzi, 2011, 15’
Moms on fire, Joanna Rytel, 2016, 13’
A Simpler Life, Gunhild Enger, 2013, 15’