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ŻUBROFFKA Special: Dancing with Bison. Powitańce

Rozpoczęcie: 13 June 2021 13:00
Zakończenie: 13 June 2021 14:00
Lokalizacja: Fama Club

ŻUBROFFKA Special: Dancing with Bison. Powitańce

We offering you a meeting with dance on the screen and live!

Dancing with Bison. Powitańce

13.06.2021, 13:00
FAMA Club, 5 Legionowa St.
admission free

Last year systematically stripped us of carelessness, therefore we decided to accumulate the positive energy streaming from the exploration of the art of dance in the film.
Dance is a tool with which many stories can be told. However, it cannot be denied that in the collective consciousness this activity has been associated with celebration, fun, sharing enthusiasm and carelessness since its very beginning (i.e. from the dawn of human history). We want to use this associative potential properly, offering you a meeting with dance on the screen and live.
The plan is simple: we meet at the screening, watch movies, dance. The practical dance base is the Greetings – original movement – dance jam session conducted by Maja Miśta and Magdalena Gorbacz. Greetings are a type of dance performed in the morning to welcome the day. The girls create a safe space, open to variety, free expression, improvisation and experiment. They take you on a musical journey and put you in a blissful state in which natural, organic movement develops. During Greetings, we explore somatic sensations flowing from the surrounding sounds, images and scents. We roll, jump, and dance without imposed structures and sequences. We just have fun, stimulate the production of endorphins.
During the screening you will experience a dance commentary on the salutary effect of morning coffee on the comfort of life (“But first”), variations on the intricacies of interpersonal relationships – from extreme ways to escape loneliness (“Cold Storage”) through the first steps in relationships (“Henk”) to the ring where romantic love clashes with a series of conflicting emotions accompanying falling in love (“Mudlove”). The protagonist of the film “Maids” will dance in front of your eyes a story about planning a crime, the Kusanagi sisters in “itsy bitsy” will offer you an eye-catching exploration of undefined types of intelligence, while Andrea Vinciguerra (“No, I don’t want to dance “) will deliver, as a warning, an animated anti-dance manifesto!

Curator: Monika Piskurewicz

itsy bitsy, Lisa Kusanagi, JuJu Kusanagi, Japan/USA 2015, 6′
Cold Storage, Thomas Freundlich, Finland 2016, 9′
Maids, Sofia Castro, Argentina 2019, 5′
Mudlove, Tero Peltoniemi, Finland 2019, 7′
HENK, Sergio Gridelli, The Netherlands 2018, 7′
But first, Erin Brown Thomas, USA 2018, 6′
No, I don’t want to dance, Andrea Vinciguerra, United Kingdom 2019, 3′