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ŻUBROFFKA Special: Love – Liebe

Rozpoczęcie: 13 June 2021 15:30
Zakończenie: 13 June 2021 17:00
Lokalizacja: Fama Club

ŻUBROFFKA Special: Love – Liebe

The program was prepared on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Polish-German Cooperation Treaty!

Love – Liebe

13.06.2021, 15:30
FAMA Club, 5 Legionowa St.
admission free

What would cinema be like without love, lustful gazes, erotic tension, kisses and romantic walks? Without parting full of longing and crazy turmoil… “Casablanca”, “Lovers of Pont-Neuf”, “Endless”… Cinema of love is the most democratic expression of our life: romantic / egalitarian / amoral theme of our meeting with the film and ourselves, and a short film is its essence – the image of desires, feelings and longings that are the basis of our existence and the joy, fulfillment, sadness of desires, the hope of a physical closeness, a moment of hesitation, disappointment or the question of what love is, accompanying us from the cradle.

A meeting with a short film about love is for us a moment of reflection on what is the most important experience in our life – a moment of reflection or a challenge, a hormonal turmoil… Love has countless faces in the crowd of our fascinations and desires, and our cultural circumstances. A short program about short love is a peep show into the nooks and crannies of our desires and visions about what meeting with another person is. The fact that this tete-a-tete surprises us and it is not what we imagine, what we were told at home about love, proves that what we imagine about this great feeling is often a cul de sac of our romantic desires. Let us give love a chance without the sacrament of eternal fulfillment in the everyday recognition of another person and in the joy of cinematographic fulfillment.

Curator: Kornel Miglus

Hot Dog, Marleen Mayr, Alma Buddecke, Germany 2019, 7’41”
Flamingo Pride, Tomer Eshed, Germany 2011, 6’02”
Was Bleibt/What remains, Chiara Fleischhacker, Germany/France 2018, 8’25”
Delay, Tomas Leach, Germany 2014, 7’16”
Flowers for the Lady, Sven Hain, Germany 2000, 8’04”
Sexy Laundry, Izabella Plucińska, Germany 2015, 12′
Emma und die Wut/Emma and the Fury, Elisa Mishto, Germany 2018, 14’45”
Kleptomami, Pola Beck, Germany 2017, 9’58”
12 Jahre/12 Years, Daniel Nocke, Germany 2010, 3’30”