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ŻUBROFFKA Special: Midnight Shorts vol. 9

Rozpoczęcie: 9 June 2021 22:15
Zakończenie: 10 June 2021 01:20
Lokalizacja: Zmiana Klimatu

ŻUBROFFKA Special: Midnight Shorts vol. 9

The iconic ŻUBROFFKA show, paying tribute to B, C, D etc. cinema, returns with double power of double features!

Midnight Shorts vol. IX

9.06.2021, 22:15
Zmiana Klimatu, 6 Warszawska St.
ticket: 8 zł – at the Kino Forum and on https://bilety.bok.bialystok.pl/

Double screenings is a tradition dating back to the times of the Great Depression, when nothing made afternoons in the suburbs more pleasant than two films for the price of one. In times of raging virus, we give the viewers a helping hand, serving a double dose of night cinema! Get ready for over three hours of crazy short films that are the essence of everything we love midnight shorts for: absurd humor with hints of perversion, unjustified nudity and low-quality red wine! During the show, we will try to unravel the mystery of a mysterious disease that turns people into giant pickled cucumbers, possessed grandmothers and puppets from the worst nightmares! We will introduce you to heavy metal people on the side of the freeways or at the gates of hell opened as instructed on the satanic aerobics tapes!
Get ready for high concentrations of hazardous biological waste, aliens in human form and uncontrolled laughter! There will also be the weirdest rubber creature in the history of cinema and a young jaguar in a killing frenzy, shooting a video diary for his beloved! We will take a closer look at the sexual habits of people in a post-apocalyptic setting, and there will also be “Star Wars” – like movies, but with giant penises! There will be scary and violent dates, the worst yoga ever and a girl looking for shelter in an ice cream parlor during extreme heat… We invite camp connoisseurs to a wild mixture of kitsch, humor and horror!

Curators: Maciej Rant, Marcin Łuczaj, Monika Piskurewicz


Bad hair, Oskar Lehemaa, Estonia 2019, 15’
Together, Ryan Oksenberg, USA 2019, 19’
Mad in Xpain, Coke Riobóo, Spain 2020, 13’
Docking, Trevor Anderson, Canada 2019, 4’
Kishonia, Horacy Muszyński, Poland 2019, 22’
Heat, Thessa Meijer, The Netherlands 2019, 2’
Cursed Granny/Maldita, Suso Imbernón, Juanjo Moscardó, Spain 2019, 19’
Danny’s Girl, Emily Wilson, USA 2019, 13’
Nursery Rhymes, Tom Noakes, Australia 2019, 5’
Valerio’s Day Out, Michael Arcos, Columbia, USA 2019, 9’
Tomorrow I will be dirt, Robert Morgan, United Kingdom 2019, 8’
Satanic panic ’87, Bryan M. Ferguson, United Kingdom 2019, 4’
Swipe, Niels Bourgonje, The Netherlands 2019, 6’
Downward facing dogs, Karsten de Vreugd, The Netherlands 2019, 12’
Boys’ club, Troy DeWinne, USA 2019, 10’
Cone, Sébastien Auger, France 2019, 20’