7-11.12.2022 / Białystok

ŻUBROFFKA Special / Outdoor cinema: Animated documentaries

Rozpoczęcie: 12 June 2021 22:00
Zakończenie: 13 June 2021 00:10
Lokalizacja: Outdoor cinema

ŻUBROFFKA Special / Outdoor cinema: Animated documentaries

As part of the show, you will see the award-winning documentaries that deal with the most poignant problems in the world, which – thanks to animation techniques – have a much greater power of message!

Animated documentaries

12.06.2021, 22:00
5 Legionowa St., admission free

British film “Sent away” and Czech “Forget me not” raise a similar issue. The first examines the psychological and social effects of early sending children to boarding schools, the second talks about children raised in communist institutions, which influenced contemporary Czech Republic. “The driver is red” tells the story of an undercover agent Zvi Aharoni who chased one of the major Nazi war criminals, and “All her dying lovers” is the urban legend of a nurse avenger who infects the Nazis with venereal disease. Based on the true story of a certain building, “Home” explores 300 years of refugee life in London’s East End, “Coup d’état math” is a visually interesting film about the difficult experiences of the immigrant community, and “Bloomers” tells the story of the British clothing industry by means of originally animated fabrics.
The program also includes: a dark tale of love and loss “O hunter heart”, a multi-layered autobiography of childhood memories “Childhood” and “Carlotta’s face” – a subtle portrait of a woman suffering from prosopagnosia, i.e. inability to recognize faces. “What is consciousness?” is a nightmarish walk through the mind and an attempt to answer the question of whether we can measure consciousness using mathematical formulas, while “Obon” is a portrait and life story of Akiko Takakura, one of the last survivors of the atomic attack on Hiroshima. The whole will be complemented by: “Swatted” – an ingenious cinematic look at the world of online games, and “Jesa”, a funny documentary about the South Korean tradition, in which on the anniversary of the death of their ancestors a wonderful feast is offered to them. As it turns out, such a feast can become an occasion for an interesting discussion about contemporary Korea and the world.

Curators: Maciej Rant & Monika Piskurewicz


The driver is red, Randall Christopher, USA 2017, 14’32”
All her dying lovers, Anna Benner & Eluned Zoë Aiano, Czechia 2020, 6′
Bloomers, Samantha Moore, United Kingdom 2019, 9’34”
Forget me not, Adela Križovenská, Czechia 2019, 6’54”
Obon, Andre Hörmann & Anna Samo, Germany 2018, 15′
Swatted, Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis, France 2018, 21’14”
Home, Anita Bruvere, United Kingdom 2019, 8′
Jesa, Kyungwon Song, South Korea 2019, 6’21”
Coup d’état math, Sai Selvarajan, USA 2020, 8’36”
Carlotta’s face, Valentin Riedl, Frédéric Schuld, Germany 2018, 5’24”
What is consciousness?, Diana Gradinaru, United Kingdom 2019, 5′
Childhood memories, Mary Martins, United Kingdom 2018, 4′
O hunter heart, Carla MacKinnon, United Kingdom 2018, 7′
Sent away, Rosa Fischer, United Kingdom 2019, 5’35”