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DVD Premiere Film Podlasie in Attack! Reloaded

Rozpoczęcie: 4 December 2014 21:00
Zakończenie: 4 December 2014 22:30
Kategoria: Special screenings
Lokalizacja: Fama Club

DVD Premiere Film Podlasie in Attack! Reloaded

The DVD premiere of the newest film compilation by Film Podlasie in Attack! – Reloaded, released with the support of Podlaskie Voivodeship Marshal’s Office. During ŻUBROFFKA guests of the Festival will have a chance to become familiar with films made by artists from Podlasie and pass on their creative energy.

Film Podlasie in Attack! (FPA!)
is an action popularizing independent cinema from north-eastern Poland, conceived in 2004 in Podlasie – the meeting place of many cultures and religions, the land of artists, European bison, untouched nature and great creative potential. FPA! is gateway to film and art, combining all the good things in Eastern Europe with the best elements of West European culture. This is a unique local initiative that owes its momentum and success to local energy and innate sense of humour.

FPA! screenings are held throughout Poland and abroad (including Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Czech Republic, United States and Germany). The FPA! films represent all genres, and their authors are both filmmakers rewarded at national festivals, as well as newcomers, just starting their adventure with the film. FPA! people are poets, journalists, students of art and film schools, artists, professors of universities, and incorruptible with commercial approach to cinema – independent filmmakers.