6-10.12.2023 / Białystok

ŻUBROFFKA Special: Short and Bittersweet from Argentina

Rozpoczęcie: 7 December 2017 18:00
Zakończenie: 7 December 2017 19:35
Kategoria: Special screenings

ŻUBROFFKA Special: Short and Bittersweet from Argentina

Born in South America, the films presented for this occasion capture a relatively present time spirit. Although they picture different author universes, together they create a mixed selection of faces, languages and landscapes of a contemporary Argentina. This happens when cumbia and dressage face each other with a western style, a Chinese family resists looting inside a supermarket, a factory worker lives his own dream in pixelation, two students talk about “what is Argentina” in a Spanish class practice, a fifteen years-old-girl begins to distrust princesses, dictatorship comes to an end in stop-motion and a Guaraní teenager learns to live in the jungle to the rhythm of rap. Thanks to the filmmakers -all well-known and multi-award-winning around the world- these works stimulate us to perceive with new eyes Gauchos myths and native traditions getting mixed up with urban culture expressions; also, to remember the marks left by the oppression held during the coup d’état in 1976 and the social breakdown after 2001 crisis; and to think over how today’s consumer and patriarchy society impact on women’s lives, among other subjects. These shorts inhabit a turbulent and vital present that, certainly, will continue telling stories from the very end (and beginning) of the world.

Curator: Constanza Tagliaferri

Centaur/Centauro, Nicolás Suarez, 2016, 14’
Mandarin Diamond/Diamante Mandarín, Juan Martín Hsu, 2015, 17’40”
Luminaris, Juan Pablo Zaramella, 2011, 6’20”
Three Sentences About Argentina/Tres oraciones sobre la Argentina, Nele Wohlatz, 2016, 4’
Swedish Cousin/La prima sueca, Inés María Barrionuevo, Agustina San Martín, 2016, 20’
Padre, Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso, 2013, 11’50”
Ulise´s Canoe/La canoa de Ulises, Diego Fió, 2015, 14’19”