7-11.12.2022 / Białystok

ŻUBROFFKA: The Very Polish Cut Outs, Holiday 80, Sashka

Rozpoczęcie: 11 June 2021 23:00
Zakończenie: 12 June 2021 05:00
Kategoria: 2021 Concert
Lokalizacja: FOMO Club

ŻUBROFFKA: The Very Polish Cut Outs, Holiday 80, Sashka

ŻUBROFFKA: The Very Polish Cut Outs, Holiday 80, Sashka

11.06.2021, 23:00
FOMO Club, 9/1 Białówny St.
tickets: 20/30 zł – at the Kino Forum and on https://bilety.bok.bialystok.pl/

The Very Polish Cut Outs
For over 10 years, the label successfully run by Zambon has been extracting and promoting musical pearls unearthed from the cavernous archives of Polish popular music. The label does it most often by giving them a new context, using studio manipulations in the form of the so-called edits and remixes. In this way, it also adapts them to the needs of modern DJ sets and the requirements of the audience. The label, which was established to issue edits of forgotten or less known Polish songs, evolved into a full-size label, which contributed to an increase in interest in local music domestically and abroad. It is worth to mention such CDs as, for example, the archival album “Dotyk” by Renata Lewandowska, the compilation “Echo wielkiej płyty” with electronic compositions from the 1980s released for the first time, or the artist’s enthusiastically received albums under the pseudonym Pejzaż. For over a decade, the label has also promoted many new talented producers and DJs, such as Pejzaż, Holiday80, Karol Aleksander, DJ Duch, Bisti, Dyyune, Old Spice and Ptaki. The DJ sets played by Zambon and the label’s DJs and producers, abound in a non-obvious selection of Polish and Eastern European music. Music, which consists of dusty original recordings from the past, various edits and remixes from the vast catalog of the label (and not only), and contemporary disco and house dance music, produced by local artists. This long-honed musical formula made the label’s sets and showcases original and exceptional events on the Polish club scene.


Holiday 80 (The Very Polish Cut Outs)
A Warsaw duo that knows almost everything about disco. This is an ear-nectar for fans of old Polish songs, disco and everything in between. They have released two vinyl EPs published by the American label The Whiskey Disco: “Hotel Victoria” and “Mokotuff” with edits of Polish recordings of Kombi, Krystyna Prońko, Krzysztof Krawczyk, Skaldowie, Ewa Bem and Halina Frąckowiak. In May this year, an EP was released on vinyl for The Very Polish Cut Outs record label. The 2019 edit of Skaldowie was released by the same label, and another vinyl release with remixes of Andrzej Korzyński’s recordings will be in sale in autumn. Holiday 80’s songs can be heard in sets by such artists as Nightmares On Wax, Pete Herbert, JKriv, Aeroplane, Sleazy McQueen, The Scumfrog, Sheridan, Ursula 1000.


Sashka aka Stellarfox
A DJ from Suwałki, mentor, promoter and organizer, associated with the local underground scene since 1993. Founder and a member of Audiosfera.Net agency, long-term permanent resident of the METRO club. Organizer and frequenter of countless events in Poland and abroad, including the first and subsequent techno cruises on the ship of the Augustów Shipyard. Associated with various music – film projects at the Białystok Cultural Center and the Zachęta Gallery in Warsaw, he also collaborated with the Białystok Philharmonic. Winner of the competition “Zgrzyty’97” in Huta Białystok. Oriented to unconventional sounds and club culture. In his sets, he puts the greatest emphasis on technique and selection. He is constantly searching and digging in music. He is not limited to single trends or genres. In his sets you can hear not only well-mixed music, but most of all interesting and original performances or arrangements. A lover of vinyl records.