6-10.12.2023 / Białystok

Location: Fama Club

Address: 5 Legionowa St
City: Białystok

Concert: Gaika live (UK) Mifi (PL)

Start: 8 December 2017 22:00
End: 8 December 2017 23:55
Category: Concert
Location: Fama Club

tickects: 15 PLN (presale), 20 PLN (on the day of the event)   Born out of his travels through the many global currents of contemporary London, GAIKA’s music is dark yet melodic, experimental yet catchy. While drawing strongly from his … Read more →

Concert: RSS B0YS

Start: 26 November 2017 22:00
End: 26 November 2017 23:55
Category: Concert
Location: Fama Club

after the Music Video competition – admission free RSS B0YS are anonymus musicians – travelers: B0Y 0ne and B0Y TW0 who met, legend has it, in Benin. They released several albums so far, starting their adventure with two albums: W D0NT … Read more →

Competition Music video

Start: 7 December 2017 22:00
End: 7 December 2017 23:00
Location: Fama Club

Tulipomania: Who Let You Know? director: Cheryl Gelove, Tom Murray director of photography: Tulipomania music: Tulipomania United States 2016, 3’ Murky cast heads emerge, float, sing, and dissolve in this illusive stop-motion animation, directed and animated by the band members. … Read more →

Concert: King Midas Sound + Dub Phizix & Strategy

Start: 9 December 2016 22:30
End: 10 December 2016 03:00
Category: Concert
Location: Fama Club

KING MIDAS SOUND (UK) DUB PHIZIX & STRATEGY (SenkaSonic / Exit Records) (UK)   bilety/tickets: 15 zł przedsprzedaż/presale, 20 zł w dniu koncertu/on the day of concert British music group founded in London by Kevin Martin, Roger Robinson and Kiki … Read more →

Competition KIDS 9+

Start: 11 December 2016 12:30
End: 11 December 2016 13:45
Location: Fama Club

Chika, die Hündin im Ghetto director/reżyser: Sandra Schießl cinematography/zdjęcia: Ivan Oliveira music/muzyka: Thomas Knop Germany/Niemcy 2016, 4’30” contact/kontakt: markus@augohr.de Chika the dog and the five-year old Mikasch live in a Jewish ghetto in Poland. The little dog helps Mikasch to … Read more →

Competition KIDS 7+

Start: 10 December 2016 12:30
End: 10 December 2016 14:00
Location: Fama Club

  Dreamer director/reżyser: Amy Wang cinematography/zdjęcia: Amy Wang music/muzyka: Ruby Wen Taiwan/Tajwan 2015, 3’19” contact/kontakt: high0123@gamil.com A girl falls into a dream. With imaginative balloon, she starts her journey. El Tesoro Treasure director/reżyser: Cristina Ramiro, Franz Zavala cinematography/zdjęcia: Alberto Anaya … Read more →