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Rules and Regulations
XIII International Short Film Festival
5 – 9 December 2018, Bialystok, Podlasie, Poland

I. Competition

XIII International Short Film Festival ZUBROFFKA (hereinafter called the Festival) will take place in Bialystok between 5 – 9 December 2018, at Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa St.; Bialystok, Poland

During the Festival the following competitions will take place:

NATIONAL FORMAT (only for films directed by filmmakers based in Poland):

Competition STUDENTS – competition for the best student film made in Polish film and art schools

Competition AMATEURS – competition directed to amateur artists making their auteur films although they have not graduated from any film school

Competition INDEPENDENT – competition directed to independent artists, film and art school graduates making auteur cinema


EASTWARD WINDOW – the competition for the best independent film directed to filmmakers from former socialist countries – independent artists, students and amateurs. The very name of the competition refers to charming windows of Podlasie region as well as to the fact that our city uniquely “hangs” between the East and West.

Competition WHOLE WIDE WORLD – directed to artists from all over the world – with the exception of those participating in national and EASTWARD WINDOW competition – the competition will strive to present other regions of the world through short films made by independent artists, students and amateurs.

Competition KIDS – the competition for the best short film for children, directed to artists ( students, amateurs, independent) from Poland and all over the world.

Competition best MUSIC VIDEO – for the best music video to artists – students, amateurs, independent – from Poland and all over the world.

Competition ON THE EDGE competition for the best experimental film and video-art to artists (students, amateurs, independent) from Poland and all over the world.

One film may be submitted only in one competition!

In the course of selection when it turns out that a film has been erroneously submitted to a given category, Organizer will move it to the correct category. Participant is not entitled to object to such a move.

Competition is not subject to the approval of the procedure set out in the Act of 19 November 2009 on gambling (Journal of Laws of 2009 No. 201, item. 1540, as amended).

II. Organizer

The originator and promoter of the Festival is Bialystok Cultural Centre, registered at 5 Legionowa Street, Bialystok (hereinafter called the Organizer). The person representing the Organizer is Grazyna Dworakowska, the manager of Bialystok Cultural Centre. The persons coordinating the Festival on behalf of the Organizer are Maciej Rant and Krzysztof Sienkiewicz.
Only Białystok Cultural Centre is entitled to copyrights and intellectual property rights of the whole Festival.

III. Conditions of Participation

1. The Participants in the competition must be over 15 years old and be involved in making films.

2. The following individuals are not eligible: employees of the Organizer, their spouse, descendants, ascendants, brothers and sisters and spouses, descendants, ascendants, brothers and sisters members of the Competition Committee. The Organizer reserves the right to verify compliance with the above conditions of participation.

3. The submitted film cannot be longer than 30 minutes (in special cases the Committee can qualify films longer than 30 minutes).

4. The film should possess all the qualities which commonly classify it as a short film.

5. The films will be pre-selected by the Committee, consisting of people selected by Organizer

6. The Committee will qualify and assess the films according to its own subjective criterion. Participant has no right to object to qualifications and assessment of Selection Committee.

7. Films must be submitted before 9nd September 2018.

8. The Committee will only take into account:

– films submitted through FilmFestivalLife GmbH and www.zubroffka.pl website before midnight 9th September 2018

The list of films selected for the Festival will be posted on www.zubroffka.pl
before 10th October 2018.

9. The decisions of the Selection Committee are final and not subject to appeal.

10. Ways of submitting films:

1) online through FilmFestivalLife GmbH website

The entry should include:

Details at:

The film must have hard subtitles in English!

2) through our website www.zubroffka.pl

The entry should include:

link with the film (with hard subtitles in English) with password ( if needed)

Info according to Form

We do not accept files to download from different internet sites!

11. Each participant can submit 2 films maximum. Entries without the attachments will not be qualified. For the competition one cannot submit films made before the year 2017 nor those submitted for the previous editions of the Festival.

12. The Organizer provides free of charge accommodation between 5-10 December 2018 (for 1 or 2 people from each filmmaking crew) as well as free admission to all the Festival events during the visitor’s stay in Bialystok.

IV. Films evaluation

1. Films qualified by the Selection Committee for the Festival will be evaluated by the Competition Jury selected by the Organizer.

2. The Jury’s task is to resolve the competition in each of the formats in accordance with the provisions of these Rules and Regulations and the principles of fairness and justice.

3. The Jury will award the winning films till 9.12.2018

4. On 9.12.2018 the Committee will announce the competition results

5. The Organizer provides awards for the best films of the Festival, granted in each of the competitions as well as Grand Prix. It is also possible there will be other awards granted by cultural institutions and the audience.

6. Provided that the Jury’s assessment may result in lack of identifying and picking the project for implementation, which is equivalent to the resignation of the award referred to in paragraph 5 of this point.

7. The Jury’s decisions are final and conclusive and not subject to appeal.

8. Non-cash prizes which are not collected during the Festival’s closing ceremony must be collected no later than 28 December 2018 at the Organizer’s offices.

V. Copyrights

1. he person submitting the film or its maker declares that they are the owner of the film or act on their behalf, with the copyrights’ owner consent and they personally, not the Organizer (mentioned in point 2 of these Rules and Regulations), will be subject to any possible litigation concerning this issue.

2. The person submitting music video in the competition for the best music video or its creator declares that is the owner of copyrights to presented music in video and has rights to screen it in public

3. The person submitting the film gives their consent to screen their production during the Festival and during other events promoting the Festival arranged by the Organizer.

4. The person submitting the film gives their consent to use pieces of their work in TV programmes covering the Festival.

5. The person submitting the film declares they will not demand any payment for screening their work during the Festival and post-Festival events promoting the Festival.

VI. Technical remarks

All the submitted competition entries will remain in the Organizer’s archives.

VII. The liability of the Organizer and Participants of the Competition

1 The Organizer shall not be liable for violation of any law relating to the projects submitted by the Participants.

2 The Organizer is not liable for the third party claims of submitted films’ copyrights.

3 Participants bear sole responsibility for the events mentioned above.

VIII. Statements of Participants, protection of personal data

1. Participants are required to comply with the provisions of these Regulations.

2. Participant by submitting the film also accepts the provisions of these Rules and Regulations and consents to the inclusion of their personal data in the Organizer’s temporary database and processing it by the Organizer in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data solely for the purposes of organizing competition, to the extent necessary for its proper conduct.

3. Organizer declares that at the end of the competition the above personal information will not be used by him and they will be destroyed.
By accepting these Rules and Regulations Participants also irrevocably declare that:
1) voluntarily accede to participate in the competition,
2) their identity presented to the Organizer is true,
3) agree to the publication and use of the submitted film for competition the competition related purposes, under the conditions described in these Rules and Regulations as well as screenings promoting the Festival

IX. Final provisions

1. These Rules and Regulations shall enter into force upon publication on the website www.zubroffka.pl

2. Competition Rules and Regulations are available for the entire duration from the date of publication on the www.zubroffka.pl , subject to situations where there is a breakdown of www.bok.bialystok.p l site or the servers used by the Organizer. Competition Rules and Regulations are also available for inspection at the Organizer’s registered office .

3. All the information about the Competition contained in promotional materials and advertising are merely incidental, and the rights and obligations of Participants and the Organizer of the Competition shall be governed by law and the provisions of these Rules and Regulations.

4. Rules and Regulations may be subject to change. All the Participants will be informed about the changes in advance. The Organizer reserves the right to suspend, discontinue, extend or cancel the Competition without giving reasons.

5. Amendments to these Rules and Regulations shall apply from the date hereof.

6. Any disputes relating to this Competition shall be resolved by the Court of jurisdiction over the Organizer.

7. Matters not covered by these Rules and Regulations shall be governed by Polish law.

8. Both the Participants and the Organizer of the Competition will seek to resolve any disputes arising in connection with the Rules and Regulations in a consensual manner, by negotiation.

9. Competition Participant shall promptly notify the Organizer about a change of the address or other data provided for the Competition.

10. Submitting films through FilmFestivalLife GmbH and www.zubroffka.pl is tantamount to reading these Rules and Regulations and accepting their conditions.

11. When in doubt, please contact the Organizer:
contact: film@bok.bialystok.pl

postal address:

Białostocki Ośrodek Kultury
ul. Legionowa 5
15-281 Bialystok,