4-8.12.2024 / Białystok

November 18th – Żubroffka in Warsaw!

November 18th – Żubroffka in Warsaw!

Massed bisons attack on Warsaw! ŻUBROFFKA on the attack in the capital city. We invite you to our festival’s before party. We will bring you a juicy selection of music videos from all over the world as well as Podlachian spirit, Podlachian snacks, and, obviously, Podlachian liquors. Come in droves! We will tell you what we have planned, what we will flood Białystok with from December 6th to 10th! And we will also explain to you that this Białystok is not as far away as you can think!

November 18th, 8:30 PM, LongBar, 23 Wileńska Street, Warsaw free entry

After party: Badass Disc’O Rebel, living legend of Białystok alternative scene. This year he learned that he is not a true Pole, but an Indian-Scottish-Cuban-Puerto Rican hybrid. It is no different with the music, which is served to disoriented listeners. This is a hybrid attack with pulsating sounds from all over the globe, which, with a lucky coincidence, can fire up even a non-alcoholic wedding or a sanatorium party.

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