7-11.12.2022 / Białystok

Location: Camera Cafe

Address: 14/11 Lipowa St.
City: Białystok

Competition Eastward Window set II

Start: 9 December 2017 12:15
End: 9 December 2017 13:30
Location: Camera Cafe

    Chilli director: Martina Mikušová director of photography: Martina Mikušová music: Samuel Hvozdík Slovenia 2016, 7’52” Aggression, passion and misunderstanding in a relationship. Animation and visuals are inspired by naive art, deep dreams and unconscious mind.   Lalay-Balalay / Merry-Go-Round … Read more →

Competition Whole Wide World Set III

Start: 8 December 2017 20:15
End: 8 December 2017 22:10
Location: Camera Cafe

  Libélula / Firefly directors: José Pablo Escamilla, González Aragón director of photography: Miguel Escudero music: Ayer Amarillo, Andrés Becerril Arzate México 2016, 17’ Ignored by his elder brother and parents, Lucas is merely a passive observer during their summer … Read more →

Competition Eastward Window set I

Start: 8 December 2017 18:00
End: 8 December 2017 19:40
Location: Camera Cafe

Budejimas / Watchkeeping director: Karolis Kaupinis director of photography: Simonas Glinskis Lithuania, Belgium 2017, 15’ Father and sontry to make mother feel comfortable during her final hours at the hospital. The two men do everything they can to avoid admitting … Read more →

Competition Independent set II

Start: 7 December 2017 19:00
End: 7 December 2017 21:00
Location: Camera Cafe

  60 Kilos of Nothing director: Piotr Domalewski director of photography: Bartosz Świniarski Poland 2017, 27’ One morning in an opencast mine of precious metals. It is Krzysztof’s first working day as a manager. In order to survive in the … Read more →

Competition Students set II

Start: 7 December 2017 16:30
End: 7 December 2017 18:00
Location: Camera Cafe

Pussy director: Renata Gąsiorowska director of photography: Renata Gąsiorowska music: Vlodymyr Antoniv Poland 2016, 8’22” A young girl is having a night in. She decides to organize a session of pleasure in solitude but not everything goes according to plan. … Read more →

Competition Independent set I

Start: 6 December 2017 18:30
End: 6 December 2017 20:30
Location: Camera Cafe

American Dream director: Marek Skrzecz directors of photography/zdjęcia: Kacper Sędzielewski, Damian Kocur, Justyna Musialska music/muzyka: Audio Network Poland/Polska 2017, 26’ Glucholazy, a small town bustling with life in the nineties, is now dying out. There is a great unemployment, and … Read more →

Competition Students set I

Start: 6 December 2017 16:00
End: 6 December 2017 17:50
Location: Camera Cafe

Dregs director: Kordian Kądziela director of photography: Piotr Chodura music: Bartosz Kruczyński Poland 2017, 28’ Beata hasn’t succeeded in life, but it doesn’t restrain her from giving advice to other people. She is a fairy in a psychic TV show. … Read more →

ŻUBROFFKA Special: Short: asian subcontinent

Start: 11 December 2016 15:00
End: 11 December 2016 17:00
Location: Camera Cafe

Camera Cafe, ul. Lipowa 14 lok. 11 admission free                                                 11.12.2016, 15:00 India is the largest film producing country in the world in terms of not only feature films but also short and documentaries (in 2015 it produced 2445 feature films … Read more →