7-11.12.2022 / Białystok

Location: Zmiana Klimatu

Address: 6 Warszawska St.
City: Białystok

Slovak Film Breakfast

Start: 7 December 2019 11:30
End: 7 December 2019 13:00
Location: Zmiana Klimatu

Slovak Film Breakfast December 7, 11:30 Zmiana Klimatu, 6 Warszawska St tickets: 8 PLN – available at the Forum cinema’s box office and on bilety.bok.bialystok.pl The typical breakfast eaten by our southern neighbors is not so much different from a … Read more →

Midnight Shorts vol. VIII

Start: 4 December 2019 23:00
End: 5 December 2019 00:45
Location: Zmiana Klimatu

Midnight Shorts vol. VIII December 4, 23:00 Zmiana Klimatu, 6 Warszawska St. admission free for adult audience In the past, Białystok has been invaded both on screen as well as in reality – by alien civilizations, by cannibal Christmas trees … Read more →

Hungarian Film Breakfast

Start: 9 December 2018 11:30
End: 9 December 2018 13:20
Location: Zmiana Klimatu

A unique event during which you will have a true Hungarian film breakfast! Hungarian Film Breakfast December 9th, 2018, 11:30 AM Zmiana Klimatu, 6 Warszawska Street free entry age rating: 16+ Żubroffka Short Film Festival and The Szonyi Kino Garden, … Read more →

Midnight Shorts vol. VII

Start: 5 December 2018 23:00
End: 6 December 2018 01:00
Location: Zmiana Klimatu

Welcome to the Night of the Living Shorts! We invite all the maniacs of night pleasures for consumption of a unique film dish, served for the last seven years by the ŻUBROFFKA selectors! A dish made from nightmares, black humour, … Read more →

ŻUBROFFKA Special: Canadian Film Breakfast

Start: 10 December 2016 11:00
End: 10 December 2016 13:00
Location: Zmiana Klimatu

Zmiana Klimatu, ul. Warszawska 6, admission free              10.12.2016, 11:00 Each Canadian meal is something unusual. Breakfast is essential to survive hardships of the harsh climate. It gives us strength and energy to face the adversities of Canadian wildlife. Boiled eggs, … Read more →