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Events Category: Competitions

independent part ii

Start: 5 December 2015 17:00
End: 5 December 2015 19:30
Location: Forum Cinema

Lila dir./reż. Dominika Łapka cinematography/zdjęcia: Weronika Bilska music/muzyka: Tomasz Gąssowski Poland/Polska 2015, 24′ contact/kontakt: dominika.lapka@gmail.com Little Joszko’s cousin Lila moves to his house. After a momentary wave of euphoria children begin to compete with each other – also about which … Read more →

Independent competition – programme 1

Start: 4 December 2015 20:30
End: 4 December 2015 22:30
Location: Forum Cinema

Hipopotamy Hippos dir./reż. Piotr Dumała cinematography/zdjęcia: Mateusz Michalak music/muzyka: Alexander Balanescu Poland/Polska 2014, 12’29” contact/kontakt: festiwale@fumistudio.com Several naked women and children are bathing in the river. They are being secretly watched by a group of men. When they decide to … Read more →

KIDS – Family stories (7+)

Start: 6 December 2015 10:00
End: 6 December 2015 11:00
Category: Kids Competition
Location: Fama Club

Crevette Shrimp dir./reż. Sophie Galibert cinematography/zdjęcia: Pierre-Hubert Martin France/Francja 2015, 16′ contact/kontakt: info@promofest.org 10-year-old Paul is on holiday in the countryside. At the village dance he would like to invite Wendy to dance, but he is too shy. His big … Read more →

Music Video

Start: 3 December 2015 22:00
End: 3 December 2015 23:00
Location: Fama Club

ALB: The Road dir./reż. Julien Lassort cinematography/zdjęcia: Julien Lassort music/muzyka: ALB France/Francja 2015, 3’35” contact/kontakt: lucie.santamans@solab.fr Black and white journey along the road made of skulls, girls’ thighs opening rhythmically, axes chopping the ground and other symbols of mankind and … Read more →

Amateurs competition

Start: 4 December 2015 20:30
End: 4 December 2015 22:00
Location: Camera Cafe

Gdy przyjdzie mi ten świat porzucić When It Comes to Me to Leave This World dir./reż. Mateusz Buława cinematography/zdjęcia: Mateusz Buława Poland/Polska 2014, 12’29” contact/kontakt: mati.bulawa@gmail.com A documentary about difficult everyday reality of a funeral home workers who must reconcile … Read more →

Competition KIDS 13 and up

Start: 4 December 2015 11:00
End: 4 December 2015 12:00
Category: Kids Competition
Location: Forum Cinema

Blackboard dir./reż. Hyash Tanmoy cinematography/zdjęcia: Purab Mukherkee music/muzyka: Soumojit Saha India/Indie 2015, 6′ contact/kontakt: tanmoy.jm@gmail.com An illiterate 14-year-old boy becomes an educator of a slum. Endear dir./reż. Nadya Wijaya & Suhyun Cho cinematography/zdjęcia: Nadya Wijaya & Suhyun Cho music/muzyka: Samamtha … Read more →


Start: 3 December 2015 15:30
End: 3 December 2015 17:00
Location: Forum Cinema

En avant, calme et droit Big Up dir./reż. Julie-Anne Roth cinematography/zdjęcia: Gregoire de Calignon France/Francja 2014, 19′ contact/kontakt: mikhal.bak@gmail.com Romy has no news from her mother, who decided to break up with her daughters. She starts a legal and administrative … Read more →

Whole Wide World I : Youth

Start: 2 December 2015 15:30
End: 2 December 2015 17:15

뿔 Horn dir./reż. Sungbin Byun cinematography/zdjęcia: Eunkyou Lee music/muzyka: Ji-eun Shin, Joo-young Kim South Korea/Korea Południowa 2014, 29’40’’ contact/kontakt: bsb9104@naver.com A high school student keeps a bandage on his forehead. Assuming he is hiding a horn beneath it, his friends … Read more →

Eastward Window III : Frustrations

Start: 4 December 2015 15:00
End: 4 December 2015 16:30
Location: Forum Cinema

Frusztráció Frustration dir./reż. Milán Kopasz cinematography/zdjęcia: Milán Kopasz Hungary/Węgry 2014, 13′ 23” contact/kontakt: hollo@mome.hu A young man takes a bus and his surreal journey of suppressed, untold frustrations begins. Maybe he just took a wrong bus? The Return of Erkin … Read more →

Eastward Window II : Hope

Start: 3 December 2015 17:45
End: 3 December 2015 19:40
Location: Forum Cinema

Kak da nadebeleem zdravoslovno Getting Fat in a Healthy Way dir./reż. Kework Aslanyan cinematography/zdjęcia: Boris Slavkov music/muzyka: Julien Diaz Bulgaria/Bułgaria 2015, 22′ contact/kontakt: tomek@abv.bg In a world where gravity is weak and skinny people fly into the sky, Constantine has … Read more →