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Events Category: Competition Music Video

Music Video Competition

Start: 5 December 2019 22:30
End: 6 December 2019 02:00
Location: Fama Club

MUSIC VIDEO Competition December 5, 22:30 Fama club, 5 Legionowa St. tickets (including the concert afterwards): 12 PLN – bilety.bok.bialystok.pl and at the Forum cinema Screening schedule: GRAVEDGR: Rampage director: Paco Raterta director of photography: Ruben Woodin Dechamps music: GRAVEDGR … Read more →

Competition Music video

Start: 7 December 2017 22:00
End: 7 December 2017 23:00
Location: Fama Club

Tulipomania: Who Let You Know? director: Cheryl Gelove, Tom Murray director of photography: Tulipomania music: Tulipomania United States 2016, 3’ Murky cast heads emerge, float, sing, and dissolve in this illusive stop-motion animation, directed and animated by the band members. … Read more →

Competition: Music Video

Start: 8 December 2016 22:00
End: 8 December 2016 23:00
Location: Fama Club

Antony & Cleopatra: Love Is A Lonely Dancer dir./reż. Alan Masferrer cinematography/zdjęcia: Alex Font music/muzyka: Antony & Cleopatra Spain, United Kingdom/Hiszpania, Wielka Brytania 2016, 3’06” e-mail: alanmasferrer@gmail.com Moving in the dark, I couldn’t see a thing. I don’t know who … Read more →