7-11.12.2022 / Białystok

Location: Camera Cafe

Address: 14/11 Lipowa St.
City: Białystok

Eastern Window competition – programme 2

Start: 6 December 2014 13:00
End: 6 December 2014 14:30
Location: Camera Cafe

Zdravo! Nazdar! dir./reż. Ema Muc cinematography/zdjęcia: Maksimilijan Sušnik Slovenia/Słowenia 2014, 15’22” contact/kontakt: zdravo.festivals@gmail.com The Sokols of Metlika are a gymnastic society. In addition to sport, they like roast pork and spritzer. They keep the Sokol tradition and do gymnastic exercises … Read more →

Eastern Window competition – programme 1

Start: 5 December 2014 15:30
End: 5 December 2014 17:30
Location: Camera Cafe

Sonuncu The Last One Ostatni dir./reż. Sergei Pikalov cinematography/zdjęcia: Denis Madyshev Azerbaijan/Azerbejdżan 2014, 15’ contact/kontakt: hanna@festagent.com The old man has outlived everyone, his friends, his wife, his children… but he isn’t lonely. An old fridge buzzing hoarsely in the corridor … Read more →

Polish independents – programme 2

Start: 4 December 2014 19:00
End: 4 December 2014 21:00
Location: Camera Cafe

Aldona reż./dir. Iwo Kondefer zdjęcia/cinematography: Beata Rakoczy Polska/Poland 2014, 15′ kontakt/contact: iwo@kondefer.com Aldona is a young girl with a strong character and ironic attitude towards reality. Despite her disability (she was born without arms and legs) she tries to fulfil … Read more →

Polish Independents – programme 1

Start: 3 December 2014 18:30
End: 3 December 2014 20:30
Location: Camera Cafe

Pieśń pasterza Shepherd’s Song reż./dir. Vahram Mkhitaryan zdjęcia/cinematography: Vahram Mkhitaryan Polska, Armenia/Poland, Armenia 2014, 30′ kontakt/contact: arostropowicz@wajdastudio.pl Somewhere in the high mountains of Armenia, there lives a blind shepherd Khachik. Single-handedly, he herds his goats on the steep slopes. When … Read more →

Students – competition, part I

Start: 3 December 2014 16:00
End: 3 December 2014 18:00
Location: Camera Cafe

Competition Students, part I   Fragmenty Fragments reż./dir. Aga Woszczyńska zdjęcia/cinematography: Bartosz Świniarski Polska/Poland 2014, 25′ kontakt/contact: agawoszczynska@o2.pl Anna and her partner lead comfortable lives. They have well-paying jobs, go to expensive restaurants, have intense sex and go jogging in … Read more →

Amateurs competition

Start: 5 December 2014 20:30
End: 5 December 2014 22:30
Location: Camera Cafe

  Co roku Every Year reż./dir. Krzysztof Jerzy Śmierzchała zdjęcia/cinematography: Jarosław Majdziński Polska/Poland 2014, 30′ kontakt/contact: czlowca@wp.pl Jędrek visits his sister for the weekend and quickly becomes a nuisance to her. Conflicts keep on erupting. Can the siblings stand each … Read more →

Amateurs competition

Start: 6 December 2013 14:30
End: 6 December 2013 16:30
Location: Camera Cafe

Screenings: Camera Cafe, 6.12, 14:30 Kino Forum, 7.12, 12:30 ADAPTATION, reż. Jakub Janz, 2013, 1′ cinematography: Paweł Rożek The film presents, half-seriously, half-jokingly, one of the problems of present-day cinematography. RUSES, reż. Karol Godek, 2013, 11′ cinematography: Paweł Rożek The … Read more →