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Before party Zubroffka 2016

Before party Zubroffka 2016

We would like to invite for Before Festival ZUBROFFKA! The moment of gathering and giving energy just before our festival. To do so few weeks before this year ŻUBROFFKA we’re going to show incredible set of animations Best of Annecy 2016 and would like to invite you for outstanding rock banger RADIO SLAM (ex The TOOBES) at FAMA Music Cafe.

Before ŻUBROFFKA Festival – Best of Annecy 2016
16 November, 18:30
Forum Cinema, ul. Legionowa 5,

free admission

International Animated Film Festival in Annecy (France) is the biggest event in animated films of the world! Within a week, during the festival are displayed about 500 films – the latest full-length and short production from all over the world and classic masterpieces of world animation. The festival also presents animated films diploma, special series and adaptations of TV shows, music videos, commercials and educational. In addition, the festival is accompanied by Trade Animated Film, which bring together in one place all the representatives of the animation industry, from the creators of the producers, the distributors. Program Best of Annecy 2016 traveling the world presenting a wide selection of short films awarded at the last festival, showing new directions and paths of world animation.

Programme of screening:
Moulin Rouge, Pierre-Marie Adnet, Coralie Bruschi, Mylene Cominotti, Tristan Poulain, Yi Shen, Alessandro Vergonnier, France 2016, 1’30”
The New York Times „Modern Love – A Kiss, Deferred”, MOTH COLLECTIVE, UK 2015, 3’46”
Peripheria, David Coquard-Dassault, France 2015, 12’20”
The Reflection of Power, Mihai Grecu, Francja, Romania 2015, 9’11”
Stems, Ainslie Henderson, UK 2015, 2’30”
Balkon/ Balcony/ Le Balcon, David Dell’edera, Hungary 2015, 6’18”
How Long, Not Long, Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot, Germany 2016, 5’30”
Vaysha, l’aveugle/ Blind Vaysha, Theodore Ushev, Canada 2016, 8’00”
Frankfurter Str. 99a, Evgenia Gostrer, Germany 2016, 4’59”
Mr Sand, Soetkin Verstegen, Denmark, Belgium, 2016, 8’15”
Une tete disparaît, Franck Dion, France, 2016, 2’35”

Before Festiwalu ŻUBROFFKA – RADIO SLAM (ex The Toobes)
16 November, 20:30
Club FAMA, Legionowa 5
ticket: 8 zł

RADIO SLAM is an energetic mix of guitar, vocals, simple riffs and melodies. The group was formed a year ago, four young people combined together love for the stage and live performance. The band consists of: Stas Lamaki (vocals, guitar), Luke Woncisz (guitar), Konrad Zaleski (bass), Radek Zajac (drums). They all have a concert experience, they had already played on the same stage with Acid Drinkers and Hunter. They are winners of the rock festival in Koszalin and Rock May Festival in Skierniewice. Band already released their first single, while intensely working on the material for their debut album.

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