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Film Mind Maps goes to Berlin

Film Mind Maps goes to Berlin

After an unique screening at ZUBROFFKA we are brining our very special programme FILM MIND MAPS to Berlin for FilmPolska festival!

ŻUBROFFKA presents films made during workshops for people with intellectual disabilities as part of a project conceived by Society for the Support of Social Initiatives ALPI. Filmmakers from Podlasie (including Tomasz Adamski, Krzysztof Kiziewicz, Radoslaw Dabrowski, Marek Włodzimirów, Katia Smaczna and Bartek Tryzna) regularly meet with intellectually disabled people at ALPI headquarters for joint creative endeavours. As a result we get truly original and diverse films which have one thing in common: an attempt to show the world of mentally handicapped people without any embellishments or compromises. The variety of subjects and techniques is amazing: from a stop motion fairy-tale, through a classic western set in Polish reality, to an instructional film for visitors from other planets.

Screenings will take place in clubhouses, in a homely atmosphere. In addition to the film feast, the guests will be offered refreshments prepared by the actors themselves. There will also be a surprise and a chance to chat with the artists.

To My, reż./dir. Katia Smaczna (2009)
Home Video, reż./dir. Krzysztof Kiziewicz, Tomasz Adamski
Marzenie o Dzikim Zachodzie, reż./dir. Radosław Dąbrowski, Marek Włodzimirow (2011)
Pocztówka, reż./dir. Bartek Tryzna (2014)

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