7-11.12.2022 / Białystok

Polish Undeground in Berlin

Polish Undeground in Berlin

We are happy to announce that we will curate a special film guide through polish undeground film scene at FilmPolska – one of the biggest foregin Polish Film Festival in the World.

At the beginning we thought – it’s so easy, so much stuff we receive year by year, but then we read that we are asked not only for shorts, but for feature films as well. Polish Undeground here is told that it used to be a heaven for inpendent filmmakers, but now… there no even a space to comment on it. When I was curating this section I really want to show opposite, that there is still a lot of areas to explore within undeground cinema – said Maciej Rant, our artistic director and programme curator.

We will show selection from ZUBROFFKA’s amateurs competition (where we present films by filmmakers never graduated from film schools and doing their shorts independently) and best films of acclaimed and hobby filmmakers, including first-ever feature film made by group of homeless people.

Festival is held in Berlin on april 24-20. More info Here


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