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After five very intense days filled with positive energy, hundreds of  films, competition screenings, countless official and less official meetings with filmmakers from around the world, the time came for our festival closing ceremony and presentation of awards to winners.

We are happy and proud to present the winners of the International Short Film Festival ŻUBROFFKA 2013!

Jury: Emma De Swaef, Agnieszka Obszańska, Taisia Igumentseva, Leszek Dawid and Nicholas Wawrzeniuk – awarded the following films:

Grand Prix of the Festival, i.e. Director of Bialystok Cultural Centre award, in the amount of 2,000 EURO was given to the film THE MASS OF MEN, directed by Gabriel Gauchet (United Kingdom).

For presenting an important issue in a lapidary form: according to the Jury the film is complete on all levels beginning from the screenplay, through the cast, cinematography, setup and spectacular finale.

The Grand Prix winner have an opportunity to sign a contract for the international distribution of his film by the world’s leading distributor of short films ShortsTV !

First Prize in the International Competition EASTWARD WINDOW – 500 euro – was given to the film JUMP , directed by Petar Valchanov  and Kristina Grozev (Bulgaria).

For an amusing and moving story presented in a minimalistic form.

The film PRIDE , directed by Pavel G. Vesnakov (Bulgaria), received a special mention.

First Prize in the International Competition THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD – 500 euro – was given to the film A BAG OF KNOTS , directed by Eve Duchemin (Belgium ) .

For a plot filled with twists and non-trivial presentation of interpersonal relations.

The film MORE THAN TWO HOURS, directed by  Ali Asgari (Iran), received a special mention.

First Prize in the national Competition AMATEURS – 500 euro – was given to FRANEK , directed by Bartek Tryzna .

For creativity, moving and well told story, mingling in the edge of light and darkness.

MR SOWA directed by Natalia Jacheć received a special mention.

First Prize in the national Competition  STUDENTS – 500 euro – was given to the film  ARENA , directed by Martin Rath

For natural and non-pretentious image of interpersonal relations in a closed community..

ALL SOULS’ DAY , directed by Aleksandra Terpińska, received a special mention.

First Prize in the national Competition INDEPENDENT – 500 euro – was given to the film HOW DEEP IS THE OCEAN ? , directed by Filip Syczyński .

For a great momentum, surreal visions, cunningly balansing on the verge of a kitsch and talking about the most crutial isuues using a beautiful film language.

ZIEGENORT, directed by Tomasz  Popakul, received a special mention .

Other awards of the Festival :

Best Documentary (500 euros) – the film OUR CURSE , directed by Tomasz Śliwiński .

For a moving intimate story, told with exceptional simplicity and power for a motionpicture which strengthens. 

Best Feature (500 euros) – the film EASTERN CRAMBLE , directed by Julia Kolberger .

A well crafted, funny and bittersweet family portrait that is compelling from beginning to end.

Best Cinematography (500 euros) – TO GUARD A MOUNTAIN , directed by Aliu (Norway / Macedonia )

The sensitive cinematography in this film adds a layer of emotionality to the story and makes it complete.

Best Music (500 euros) –  TOTO , directed by Zbigniew Czapla .

Music and images are beautifully intertwined in this mysterious film with an exquisite painterly style.

The Best Animation winner Ewa Borysewicz – for the film TO THY HEAR – will receive Dragonframe program funded by DZED Systems LLC

In the animation category the award goes to a film which greatly impressed us with its unique and bold design, dynamic layered structure and most importantly, it’s great sense of humor. 

The Audience Award of Wild Bison in the amount of 1,000 euros , was given to the film KILLING AUNTIE, directed by Mateusz Głowacki!

Thank you for being with us. See you at  Festival next year!


Bialystok Cultural Centre – DKF ” GAG ”

The festival was produced from budget of the City of Białystok.

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