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Żubroffka: Romanian Film Revolution

Żubroffka: Romanian Film Revolution

Żubroffka: Romanian Film Revolution
7.12.2017, 17:00
Narew / Narwiański Ośrodek Kultury, ul. Mickiewicza 105
admission free

Together with Romanian Institute of Culture we present a set of short films which are the best achievements of Romanian young artists in recent years.
For some time the Romanian cinema has experienced a real revolution – not as bloody as it was in the unforgettable 1989, but gentle, generous, fruitful in outstanding films and dreamlike careers of Romanian young filmmakers. But equally radically dealing with the past… of the cinema! In the program you will a see and hear a boy’s confession that his girlfriend and party guests will never forget; Victor and Filip planning a foursome which their wives have no idea about; an animation where Pedro admits he is a werewolf… and many others. Come and see films of future stars of Romanian and world cinema!

Curator: Sabra Daici

Offstage, Andrei Huțuleac, 2017, 25’
Când afară ninge/When It’s Snowing Outside, Conrad Mericoffer, 2017, 12’
Sechestrați fără voie/Humans in Frame, Tudor Botezatu, 2017, 11’
A Night in Tokoriki, Roxana Stroe, 2016, 18’
Mâ cheamâ Costin, Radu Potcoavă, 2016, 14’
Pipa, sexul și omleta, Ana-Maria Comănescu, 2016, 22’
Mamâ, tatâ, trebuie sâ vâ spun ceva…, Paul Mureșan, 2017, 6’