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Latin America stopmotion

Rozpoczęcie: 7 December 2018 15:15
Zakończenie: 7 December 2018 17:00

Latin America stopmotion

Although many see the situation in modern Latin America in rather dark tones, it does not mean that the region has lost its spirit; on the contrary, the spirit remains cheerful and optimistic, even in the darkest hour.

Latin America stopmotion

December 7th, 2018, godz. 3.15 PM
High School of Arts in Supraśl, 1 Kościuszki Square
free entry
age rating: 16+

Latin America gave us great writers, poets and artists who were all forged in turmoil, a little bit of chaos and uncertainty of the future. Their art was thriving among the noise of political distrust and social inequality. It was full of life and faith in the future in its every aspect. We may catch echoes of modern Latin America in this selection of shorts, coming mainly from Colombia, but also Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. It is like the elusive aroma in a cup of hot coffee. Keep calm and enjoy it.

Curator: Mr. Kropka

El cafecito/The coffee, Miguel Otálora, Colombia 2014, 1′
Pixied, Agostina Ravazzola, Gabriela Sorroza, Argentina 2017, 8’25”
Cow Palace, Julián Gallese, Costa Rica 2018, 2’26”
Animated Poems – Who Laid the Egg on the Boot?, Vinicius Testa, Brazil 2018, 1’44”
El jardín de las delicias/The garden of delights, Gabriel García Caballero, Mexico 2016, 7’07”
La red/The net, Miguel Otálora, Colombia 2014, 1′
Raisiomas, María Camila Londoño Sierra, Colombia 2015, 10’45”
Ana – Jugo/Ana – Orange juice, Miguel Otálora, Colombia 2018, 1’14”
Conversación entre una iguana y un chamaleon/Conversation between a horned lizard and a chameleon, María Ximena Cortázar Triana, Colombia 2014, 5’31”
Máquinas de añoranzas/Wind Up Memories, Adriana Copete, Colombia 2012, 9’26”
Angie – Maciza/Angie – Strong, Miguel Otalora, Colombia 2018, 1’14”
The gift, Julio Pot, Chile 2013, 7’50”
Coffee Break, María Cristina Pérez – Mauricio Cuervo, Colombia 2017, 9′
Miguel – Estación/Miguel – Station, Miguel Otálora, Colombia 2018, 1’14”
Cantar con sentido, una biografía de Violeta Parra/Sing with meaning, a biography of Violeta Parra, Leonardo Beltrán, Chile 2016, 22’26”
Semáforo, Simon Wilches, Colombia 2013, 3’04”