4-8.12.2024 / Białystok

Location: High School of Arts in Supraśl

Address: 1 Kościuszki Square
City: Supraśl

ŻUBROFFKA Special: Masterclass: Interference Festival – Video Komunikacja

Start: 8 December 2017 13:45
End: 8 December 2017 15:00

The Interference Festival is an International Festival of Visual Communication Forms whose mission is to popularize visual arts and their interdisciplinary connections with music, information technology, arts and science. The festival is a unique platform for the dialogue and promotion … Read more →

Animated film workshop for teenagers: Bouncy Stretchy Stuff

Start: 7 December 2016 09:00
End: 11 December 2016 16:30
Category: Workshop

Host: Mathijs Stegink                                                                      7-11.12.2016 The Bouncy Stretchy Stuff workshop is an animation workshop in which you will experiment with simple materials like pins and elastic bands! We will explore one of the most important principles of animation: squash and stretch. … Read more →

ŻUBROFFKA Special: 5 years of Polish animated music video

Start: 9 December 2016 13:45
End: 9 December 2016 15:30

Supraśl / Liceum Plastyczne, Plac Kościuszki 1 admission free                                                9.12.2016, 13:45 Zmiana Klimatu, ul. Warszawska 6 admission free                                                9.12.2016, 17:00 The animated music video has been for a few years one of the fastest growing and most amazing areas of … Read more →