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Events Category: Workshop

Workshop for seniors: Pane Doktore!

Start: 7 December 2016 09:00
End: 11 December 2016 23:00
Category: Workshop
Location: Branicki Palace

Host: Andrej Kolenčík                                                                           7-11.12.2016 Not everyone knows that Dr. House’s father was famous Dr. Štrosmajer – orthopedist in the peripheral hospital in the Czech town of Bor, and his mother – ward sister Danuta Dębska (later Tretter) from the hospital … Read more →

Animated film workshop for teenagers: Bouncy Stretchy Stuff

Start: 7 December 2016 09:00
End: 11 December 2016 16:30
Category: Workshop

Host: Mathijs Stegink                                                                      7-11.12.2016 The Bouncy Stretchy Stuff workshop is an animation workshop in which you will experiment with simple materials like pins and elastic bands! We will explore one of the most important principles of animation: squash and stretch. … Read more →

Animated film workshop for children, using Lotte Reingigersilhouette animation method

Start: 8 December 2016 09:00
End: 11 December 2016 16:30
Category: Workshop

Host: Tessa Moult-Milewska                                                         8-11.12.2016 The works of Lotte Reiniger are unique silhouette animations. Despite the passage of time, they still fascinate the whole world. The artist, through extraordinary, sometimes openwork cutouts and beautiful backgrounds, created unique and fascinating film worlds. … Read more →

Dyskusja: Ile warte są krótkie filmy i kto je ogląda?

Start: 6 December 2014 13:00
End: 6 December 2014 14:30
Category: Workshop

Z udziałem zaproszonych gości będziemy rozmawiać o pozycji krótkich filmów w ogromnej machinie przemysłowej, jaką jest kino. Dystrybutorzy filmów, agenci sprzedaży i przedstawiciele festiwali filmowych będą mieli okazję wymienić się opiniami i swoimi doświadczeniami na ten temat. Twórcy i publiczność … Read more →

Animation Workshop:

Start: 3 December 2014 15:00
End: 7 December 2014 12:00
Category: Workshop

Yellow Sticky Notes – Anijam Host: Jeff Chiba Sterns Białystok, 3-7.12.2014 Anijam is working on animation, which will be attended by many animators. Each of them will prepare their own piece which, when combined with others, will be a part … Read more →

Journalism workshops with Micheal Pattison

Start: 3 December 2014 16:00
End: 7 December 2014 16:00
Category: Workshop

Prowadzenie: Michael Pattison Białystok, 3-7.12.2014 With more people writing about film than ever, standing out from the crowd is increasingly difficult. Critics’ workshops are designed to help participants widen their tastes, to follow their interests, to place their own viewpoint … Read more →

CASTING: Film workshops for seniors

Start: 3 December 2014 19:55
End: 7 December 2014 10:54
Category: Workshop

Prowadzenie/Hosts: Marcin Filipowicz Białystok, 3-7.12.2014 During the workshop we will try to show the world that being a senior means more common sense and peace of mind. It is the prime of life and so the best time for making … Read more →