7-11.12.2022 / Białystok

Opening of the Festival: Błażej Malinowski live for short films with cinematography by Boris Kaufman

Rozpoczęcie: 9 June 2021 20:00
Zakończenie: 9 June 2021 22:00
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema

Opening of the Festival: Błażej Malinowski live for short films with cinematography by Boris Kaufman

One of the most important and talented representatives of Polish techno, ambient and experimental music, he will musically illustrate short films, shot by Boris Kaufman, a genius cinematographer born in Białystok, winner of the Golden Globe and Oscar!

Opening of the Festival: Błażej Malinowski live for short films with cinematography by Boris Kaufman

9.06.2021, 20:00
Kino Forum, ul. Legionowa 5
ticket: 30 zł – at the Kino Forum and on https://bilety.bok.bialystok.pl/


The program of the show includes three short masterpieces: “Les Halles” – an urban city symphony, dir. Boris Kaufman and André Galitzine, about a working day in the legendary central market of Paris; “A propos Nice” (“A propos de Nice”) – Jean Vigo’s debut film, a cinema poem which, thanks to its exciting and ironic editing, has become a scathing and invigorating insight into French culture in the 1930s and “Film” dir. Alan Schneider, with a script by the playwright Samuel Beckett, in which Buster Keaton tries to escape from the all-seeing eye. Pure surrealism!

Boris Kaufman (1897-1980)
He was born in Białystok to the Jewish family of Abel Kaufman, a bookseller, and Fajga, Halpern. During World War I, he and his family emigrated inside Russian territory. After Poland regained independence, he returned with his parents to Białystok. His brothers: Denis (known as Dziga Wiertov) and Mikhail stayed in the USSR, where they became the leading makers of avant-garde and propaganda films. Dziga is considered to be one of the most outstanding documentary filmmakers in the history of cinema, and Mikhail as a genius cinematographer, distinguished by innovative photographic techniques.
After leaving Poland for France, Boris graduated from the Sorbonne and took up cinematography. He collaborated, among others with Jean Vigo and Dmitry Krisanoff. After the outbreak of World War II, he joined the French army, and after the surrender of France, he emigrated to Canada. Together with John Grierson, he worked there for the National Film Board of Canada. In 1942, he moved to the United States, where he made short films and documentaries. He started working in Hollywood with Elia Kazan. He won an Oscar in 1954 for cinematography in “On the Waterfront”, and a Golden Globe a year later. The film won a total of eight statuettes. Another child of the collaboration between the two filmmakers was the film “Baby Doll” and another Oscar nomination for Kaufman in 1957. Kaufman also worked with Sidney Lumet – he is the cinematographer on the acclaimed film “Twelve Angry Men” and “The Pawnbroker”. His filmography closed with an impressive number of 71 works, and all the Kaufman brothers, born in Białystok, went down in the history of cinema.

Błażej Malinowski
Well known Polish producer and dj based in Berlin, founder and curator of Inner Tension label– a platform where he can freely release his own productions, collaborations, and emerging artists in the scene. Founder of the Audio/Visual ambient/experimental series Why So Silent? (hosting dozens of events all around Poland, as well as Berlin, Stockholm, Seoul and others). Błażej Malinowski has been featured on some of the best labels in the ambient, deep/hypnotic techno realm with past releases on The Gods Planet, Kontrafaktum, Semantica, Silent Season and many more. Known for his hypnotic and energetic productions and live performances he keeps a productive workflow and focuses on studio work and creating the right amount of energy. Over the last few years, Błażej has toured in the US, South Africa, various places in Asia as well as performing in many of the Europe’s best clubs such as Berghain, Bassiani, Tresor, IFZ, Macadam, Fuse, Jasna1, Ankali and many more.