2-6.12.2020 / Białystok

The Awards Ceremony + screening: Film: 3-D Rarities

Rozpoczęcie: 6 December 2015 19:00
Zakończenie: 6 December 2015 20:30
Lokalizacja: Forum Cinema

Celebrating the centenary of stereoscopic cinematography, we would like to invite everyone to a unique show of 3-D RARITIES! The first ever documented screening of a film made in 3D technology took place in 1915 at the Astor Theatre in New York. Unfortunately, the original film material has not survived. In order to save other 3D gems, 3-D Film Archive crew have devoted over 30 years to locating, collecting and restoring such motion pictures. Their actions resulted in creating an incredible collection of fascinating, very rare but not irretrievably lost 3D movies! Watching these beautifully restored treasures on the big screen, the viewers will have a chance to immerse themselves in them completely. They will take part take part in a1922 New York City demonstration, watch unseen for over 60 years 3D burlesque I’ll Sell My Shirt, experience nuclear tests in the Nevada desert or Norman McLaren’s animated experiments… and many others!

Rarytasy 3D  Beany1.37 Rarytasy 3D  Doom Town Rarytasy 3D  Hannah Lee (1) Rarytasy 3D  Thrills gal Rarytasy 3D Boo7 Rarytasy 3D Doom Town (3) Rarytasy 3D Hannah Lee Rarytasy 3D It Came from Outer Space Rarytasy 3D SAMSPACE_05