4-8.12.2024 / Białystok

Karolina Cicha & Sw@Da / Laboratorio Tropical Crew / Sw@Da Dj set

Rozpoczęcie: 10 December 2022 22:30
Zakończenie: 11 December 2022 01:30
Kategoria: 2022 Concert
Lokalizacja: Fama Club

Karolina Cicha & Sw@Da / Laboratorio Tropical Crew / Sw@Da Dj set

Patience of amateurs of tropical sounds of high temperatures and sunshine will be rewarded! Tropical rhythms – ŻUBROFFKA’s specialty – are just coming back to FAMA! You can be sure that this night will thunder hard and be really hot!

Karolina Cicha & Sw@Da / Laboratorio Tropical Crew / Sw@Da Dj set

10.12.2022, 22:30
Klub FAMA, ul. Legionowa 5
ticket: 20 zł/30 zł – kasa Forum + https://bilety.bok.bialystok.pl/

Just as night meets day, ŻUBROFFKA invites you to a tropical bounce night, this time combined into one explosive whole with the language of nature and the speech of multicultural Podlasie, the language of emotions, traditions and modern jargon of sampled sounds!

Karolina Cicha & Sw@Da

Released in October this year, Karolina Cicha and Sw@da’s album “SAD” is music powered by nature. The musicians created this album with many languages: the language of nature and the speech of multicultural Podlasie, the language of emotions, tradition and the modern jargon of sampled sounds. The result of the meeting of a leading Polish folk artist and a music producer is an album that brings purification – metaphysical, alternative and electronic.
They were brought together by similar experiences and feelings of their “Podlasie” and the desire to create music that gives energy to experience the world in a positive way.

Karolina Cicha is one of the most important Polish artists on the folk scene. A composer and vocalist, she has become famous for her exploration of traditional music. She is a multi-instrumentalist – recognizable for her original technique of playing several instruments simultaneously. She won the Grand Prix and the Audience Award at the Polish Radio Folk Festival “New Tradition”. In 2015 she was in the official selection at WOMEX – the largest World Music festival in the world. With her music she has visited dozens of festivals in Europe, Asia and America. Her album “Tany” was nominated for a Fryderyk Award in the World Music category.


is a Podlasie-based music producer with Colombian roots. He likes to bend the matter of reality to his own vision. To listen where another would not even put his ear. To tell even more, because not with words, but with sound and dance. Sw@da is the forest. Sw@da is a BOUNCE. His music is a seemingly simple story of primal rhythm, older than Drohiczyn, and the roads leading to that rhythm. Dance prynuka. Listen. Feel.
Podlasie B.O.U.N.C.E. and everything that inspires bass. Love. Chaos. Guns. Dance.
Dazbog. Favela Funk. Kinshasa Rap. Koduro Gródek. Puerto Rico – Waliły – Luanda.


Laboratorio Tropical Crew is a group of DJs, promoters of music and club culture of southern countries, mainly around the equator, primarily Latin America and Africa. They were brought together by their passion for music and a strong common desire to add colour to the Polish club scene. It’s a highly diverse group, there are those who find themselves best in cumbia and dembow, searching in the Horn of Africa and in small releases from Ecuador. They are interested in fresh, electronic, club music, but referring to the rhythms inherent in the regions of origin.

Cosaco Polaco aka Kuba Kozak /cumbia.neoperreo.moombathone.dancehall.tribal.dub/

Fan and seeker of tropical club music, organizer and promoter of many events.


eylau /cumbia.bailefunk.perreo.dembow.tropicalrave.tribal/

Selects tracks within the key of his fascinations: shamanism, dance and electronic sounds. His sets are a mixture of Latino and Afro, turning Eastern-European dancefloors into sultry baths of rhythm and tropical vibes