7-11.12.2022 / Białystok

Polish Independents – programme 1

Rozpoczęcie: 3 December 2014 18:30
Zakończenie: 3 December 2014 20:30
Bilety: Bezpłatne
Lokalizacja: Camera Cafe ,14/11 Lipowa St. ,Białystok

piesn pastrza

Pieśń pasterza
Shepherd’s Song
reż./dir. Vahram Mkhitaryan
zdjęcia/cinematography: Vahram Mkhitaryan
Polska, Armenia/Poland, Armenia 2014, 30′
kontakt/contact: arostropowicz@wajdastudio.pl

Somewhere in the high mountains of Armenia, there lives a blind shepherd Khachik. Single-handedly, he herds his goats on the steep slopes. When it turns out that his only son is losing his sight too and must attend school for the blind, Khachik faces a dilemma…


Natura piekła
Nature of Hell
reż./dir. Alexander Pawlik
zdjęcia/cinematography: Alexander Pawlik
Polska/Poland 2014, 3’55”
kontakt/contact: alexjpawlik@gmail.com

A found footage work composed of science and physics 16mm educational films. Inspired by Dante’s “Inferno”, the film sets to explore the structure of hell and movement dynamics of human souls within it.


Dom na końcu drogi
Last House on the Road
reż./dir. Wojciech Kasperski
zdjęcia/cinematography: Jacek Podgórski
Polska/Poland 2013, 25′
kontakt/contact: m.fabijanska@sfp.org.pl

At night a woman comes to a house near the forest. The family receives her but she notices that her appearance has caused a lot of excitement. We start discovering the secrets of intricate family relationships and the last house on the road …


The Supreme
reż./dir. Katarzyna Gondek
zdjęcia/cinematography: Jarosław Piekarski, Katarzyna Gondek, Jakub Stolecki
Polska/Poland 2013, 19’30”
kontakt/contact: ka.gondek@gmail.com

A story of a Guinness record-breaking plastic statue of Pope John Paul II. It was manufactured in a “dinosaur factory” and is now on display in a park of sacred miniatures. Why was it made? The surrealist tale of religious dreams and nightmares which come true.


reż./dir. Aneta Kopacz
zdjęcia/cinematography: Łukasz Żal
Polska/Poland 2013, 40′
kontakt/contact: arostropowicz@wajdastudio.pl

Joanna tastes every moment of her life despite a serious illness. She has promised her son to be with him as long as possible. She writes a blog about her everyday life. The blog becomes an inspiration for many people to live mindfully and happily.

Wilq: Negocjator

Wilq: Negotiator
reż./dir. Leszek Nowicki, Bartosz Minkiewicz
zdjęcia/cinematography: Leszek Nowicki, Bartosz Minkiewicz
Polska/Poland 2014, 8′
kontakt/contact: marketing@platige.com

The undefeated Polish superhero Wilq once again has to protect his city. A routine summons from the police changes into an epic battle of two brainboxes. Wilq takes the mad terrorist to court, proving that it is not powers that make us heroes but sacrifice, perseverance and… sophisticated vulgarisms.