7-11.12.2022 / Białystok

Animated film workshop for teenagers: Bouncy Stretchy Stuff

Rozpoczęcie: 7 December 2016 09:00
Zakończenie: 11 December 2016 16:30
Kategoria: Workshop

Host: Mathijs Stegink                                                                      7-11.12.2016

The Bouncy Stretchy Stuff workshop is an animation workshop in which you will experiment with simple materials like pins and elastic bands! We will explore one of the most important principles of animation: squash and stretch. In teams, having nothing to start with but a basic idea about the theme, we’ll try to let our work and ideas grow: figuring out our concepts while experimenting with technique and materials. Working together, we will discover the story and create designs, putting them into our final animation. If necessary, we will use computers but don’t expect this to be a technology driven event! The participants need to bring an open mind (darlings will be killed), a lot of free time and the urge to express themselves and work with a group.


Mathijs Stegink
Co-owner of events and animation studio Reanimation.nl in Amsterdam and Cardboarders.com. He is also a programmer of the peripheral at the best festivals in the Netherlands: Lowlands Festival and KLIK! Animation Festival. These projects are aimed at the combination of arts and playfulness. Animation, in all its shapes and forms, is always the inspiration for his work. Some of his latest productions include puppetry, 3D animation, video mapping, interactive installations, festival television and giant cardboard sculptures. He also teaches at the Willem de Kooning Art Academie in the departments of illustration and animation.

In cooperation with: Liceum Plastyczne w Supraślu